Tamsin Omond on the collective action and community engagement needed to tackle climate change

© Alice Aedy

‘People have always been good at imagining the end of the world, which is much easier to picture than the strange sidelong paths of change in a world without end.’

— Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

Libby DeLana shares an excerpt from her new book, Do Walk

© Dom Francis Pellegrino

“Walking makes the world much bigger and thus more interesting. You have the time to observe the details.” Edward Abbey

Charlie Gladstone explains why trust is key to any great team in this extract from his new book.

© Matt Blease

In this excerpt from his new book, Do Build, Alan Moore asks what the world now needs from business — and how that can be delivered.

© Julian Calverley

Before it is too late, we should embark in earnest on the most fundamental existential (and also truly revolutionary) task facing modern civilisation, that of making any future growth compatible with the long-term preservation of the only biosphere we have.

— Vaclav Smil

A little treat to make at home

© aung nyi on Unsplash

When you’re behind the lens, it’s not about you.

© Andrew Paynter

In an extract from his new book Do Make, award-winning wooden surfboard maker James Otter invites us to rediscover the joy of making

James sat outside his workshop © Mat Arney

James Sills, author of Do Sing and founder of the Sofa Singers, shares his playlist to get you singing

Tim Drake looks to Seneca to explain how thrift can help you stay grounded and better able to cope with life’s setbacks, in this excerpt from his new book, Do Agile.

© Gavin Strange

In this extract from his new book, Tim Drake explains that in order to be mentally agile and cope with life’s uncertainties, it helps to define our values.

© Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Part of being agile is the ability to bounce back when events knock you for six. In sport, in work, in society, in relationships — you name it, life has setbacks, usually just when you don’t want them. To quote Claudius in Hamlet, ‘When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.’ We need strong defences to cope, and move on. And, right now, mental resilience is one defence we all need.

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